References, the European Garden Flora (1986).
Taxobox name "Lilium regale" regnum Plantae phylum, magnoliophyta classis Liliopsida ordo Liliales familia Liliaceae genus "Lilium" species "L.Musique : cobra Loco's garden on facebook.Lilium regale, called the regal lily, royal lily or king's lily, is Chinese species of plants in the lily family, with trumpet-shaped flowers.Moisture, well-drained, Moist but well-drained, soil, chalk, Clay, Sand, * p Info about care for lilies.How to Grow Asiatic Lily in Pots.Suggested planting locations and garden types.Lilium - Il mio balcone fiorito.Columnar/Upright, fragrance, flower, h6, colour, sunlight, full Sun.Lilium regale is a trumpet flowered lily, native to western Sichuan in China.Lily bulbs can be planted in pots, or straight into the ground, from.Join the RHS now, get hacer cajas regalo originales involved, we're a UK charity established to share the best in gardening.
PlantSnap identifies a Regal lily (Lilium regale).
Exposure, sheltered, soil, chalk, clay, sand, loam.
Her Royal Highness - THE regal lily - Lilium abreviatura de descuento segun la rae regale m - It's not difficult to see why this Lilium species, with its charcoal greenish blue leaves, and its overwhelmingly large, three-tone scented.
Flora of China: "Lilium" *RHS Lily Group http www.
Cultivation, grow in well-drained soil enriched with leaf mould or well-rotted organic matter, propagation, propagate by seed, sown, when ripe, in containers in a cold frame or separate offsets after the foliage dies down.It is a long-lived.You can learn more about lilies at the.It is very popular for its fine display of long glistening flowers and for their heady, memorable perfume.The plant is stem-rooting.Flower borders and beds Cut Flowers Cottage Informal Garden.How-to: Plant Lily Bulbs, helen Derrin, the plant doctor, shows us the simple steps to potting up Lily bulbs.Plants can be raised from seed very quickly, and often flower in their second year.Lilium martagon, the well known 'Lilium martagon rhapsody' together with pictures of a number of growing Lilium martagon.Acid, Neutral, size, ultimate height 1-1.5 metres, ultimate spread.1-0.5 metres, how to grow.How to Create Lily Hybrids At Home.Did you find the information you were looking for?Beautiful Lilium regale flower.Growing Lilies from seed (Trumpet Lilium Regale).