You will find the front brake set with vented twin disk and the rear with single disk.
Now as mentioned before it got a two cylinders, four stroke, water-cooled and inside balance shaft engine with a displacement of 125cc of each cylinder.(-1000 ) je la commande, j' attend 2 mois et elle est arriv.J AI agrandi LES photos plus BAS.The wheels are all alloy with nice looking alloy spokes.Ces motos uniques pour passionnés vous transporteront dans vos plus belles balades.To power up their regalo original recien mama motorcycles, they have their own engine and motorcycle assembly lines.They have their own steel tube processing plant where they manufacture chassis, handle bars, rear carriers and accessories.It has already created a lot of speculations among the people and we are already looking forward to assume the demand this bike can create among the customers.This includes Bangladesh as well.They have their own aluminum casting facility, enabling them to fully manufacture components such as crankcases and cylinder heads.20, spam melden 20, spam melden, verwandte Anzeigen mit allgemeineren Suchen: 5, spam melden 3, spam melden 5, spam melden 5, spam melden, spam melden 9, spam melden 5, spam melden 9, spam melden 3, spam melden 13, spam melden 4, spam melden, seite.Thus, he has initiated the process by inviting a designer and his friend from Australia to design the logo of Regal Raptor.Whatsoever, let us head in detail with Regal Raptor 125 Review.Enforcement of The Cave: Now the best part of this Regal Raptor Company is their motorcycles ranging from 250cc1600cc, where all are air or water cooled and consist features such as twin cylinder, four stroke engines; and comply with the strict standards of Euro.Je vais donc la chercher.Carbureted, ignition, cDI, starting Method, electric, transmission 5 Speed.
The chopper is equipped with hydraulic disk brake both with front rear wheel.
Power House: We are quite sure it might hike up your excitement about the bike after knowing its back.
Quant moi je m' eclate depuis maintenant 4 ans avec mon chopper qui apres des deceptions me donne de grandes satisfactions et de grands instants de bonheur mais je surveille la "bete" en permanence.16 000 km voil les gars "les joies de la moto' finalement.
Tire, Brake Suspension: Moving ahead to the tires and braking system of the cruiser, it got the tires of size 90/90-21 on the front and 160/80-16 on the rear, where both tires are tubeless type.
Has instigated himself to manufacture choppers in 1990.
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Regal raptor, c'est avant tout l'esprit custom, mais c'est aussi une expérience et un savoir faire de longue date dans la fabrication de moto.Horse Zhang, the owner of Lifeng Group.Being an ardent fan of custom made choppers and a distributor of bike parts in the world market,.The engine of the bike is specified to give a maximum power.88BHP (8 kW) @ 9500RPM and a maximum torque achieved at 6500RPM.The odo console, lamps, signals and the levers also designed to give the feeling to be classic.